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Supporting Parents When It Matters Most.

Welcome to The Parenting Apart Programme. We are here to help parents during the important changes in family life.

Our goal matches the Government’s aim to give every child a great start. We know parenting can be hard, especially when families go through big changes like separation or divorce.

We are here with advice, support, and useful information to help your family grow positively and keep children happy and cared for.

Our Approach: Kindness and Adaptability

We approach our work with kindness, understanding, and the ability to adapt. We respect every family’s cultural and individual needs, making sure everyone feels supported and valued.

What We Believe In:

Why We Help Families

Want to know why we are here?

Watch this video to see why we help parents focus on their children. It is all about making families happier and stronger.

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How to Refer Someone

Anyone can refer to our programme, whether you’re a parent or a professional. To begin, just fill out our referral form. Or, if you’d rather talk it through or have questions, call or email us. Our team is on hand to guide you through getting the support and services you need.

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